Gary Null – Globetrotter – 4PM – ANTI-AGING WITH A PLANT-BASED DIET (Special Event)


Special Event              Saturday         16:00 PM         Globetrotter  Gary Null              


The substance of this keynote event will fundamentally share what happens to our bodies when we rely upon a meat based diet, a high protein diet, and the standard American diet. Gary will speak how these diets age us prematurely and can knock off up to twenty years from the life span.  He will also show part of either of my two documentaries: Plant Codes or Saving the Planet One Bite at a Time and discuss his interviews with over 20 board certified medical physicians who adopted a healthy plant based diet to reverse their own life challenging medical conditions and later incorporated it into their clinical protocols for their patients with phenomenal results. Finally, Gary will address the latest advances in science to naturally reverse heart disease, cancer, arthritis and mental decline.  Gary Null is the host of award winning Radio shows and author of numerous NY Times best sellers.