Dr. Brian Clement – 1PM – Unlimited Potential (Special Event) – Globetrotter


Special Event              Saturday         01:00 PM         Globetrotter  Dr. Brian Clement

Unlimited Potential

Clement will explore cutting edge advancements and progressive medicine.  Now in their 7th decade, Hippocrates Health Institute remains the premier pioneer in the exploration of advanced healthcare.  This program will open your mind and inform you in a way that you have not experienced before.  For nearly half a century, Clement has worked with more than 265000 people in the conquest of preventing and reversing disease and premature aging.  Hippocrates, the institute he directs is internationally renowned for the hundreds of thousands of people who have attended their Life Transformation Program and achieved remarkable recoveries and renewed happiness.  There will be an extensive question and answer period whereas you can delve into the depth of experience that has been gleaned from the front lines of advanced healthcare.  Clement states “we are in a new paradigm where disorder and disharmony should be a thing of the past”.