Jane Goldberg – 1D – 12PM – Disease is Never a Mistake

1 D

Lecture            Saturday         12:00 PM         1D         Jane Goldberg     

Disease is Never a Mistake

Learn how to eavesdrop on the whispers of your body. Our bodies stay in constant dialogue with us, communicating what it needs to us—through bodily symptoms, and from the unconscious. Diseases only come about when we fail to listen, or to understand the messages. And then, whispers become loud, painful tantrums. The specific disturbances discussed will be ADHD, heart disease, overweight, high cholesterol, inflammation, and cancer. Come to learn and love, because what you call your diseases/conditions/afflictions are friends, and paying attention to them can restore your health and save your life. Dr Goldberg is the founder of La Casa Spa & healing center.