Dr. Brian Clement  – 2PM – Globetrotter  – We are Light (Special Event)


Special Event              Sunday             2 PM    Globetrotter         Dr. Brian Clement             We are Light

Clement will bring you to the pinnacle of the latest science on food and why the living plant based variety is the inherent and biological choice for our species.  His half century in the field of progressive healthcare, and as the director of the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute since 1980, has given him a privileged insight into the workings of authentic health and longevity.  Science has now caught up to the teachings of the institute he directs and empirically proven that food which is enzymatically rich enhances cell frequency, preventing free radical damage, the cause of all aging and disease.  He will show that the same photons that rain down from the sun and captured on green, leafy plants empower each of your 100 trillion cells in generating extraordinary health.  Frequencies from proper foods shield the cells which create all of the bodily systems from microbes and mutagens; and at the same time prevent rapid cell death, the underlying cause of premature aging.   Extensive questions and answers will be afforded.

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