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Technology today plays a crucial role in advancing the mission of businesses, associations and organizations. Never before has the burden of maintaining a first-rate technology environment been so challenging. Every dollar and every hour you spend mastering new applications or battling security threats, detracts you from the important work that drives your organization. Add to it managing your web content on a day to day basis, setting up of your corporate events, a friend on side who understands your business, web and event needs! Business executives responsible for IT, are looking for an expert qualified partners to take IT management off of their hands.


Smart Solutions and Events is your trusted partner for all in one – one stop shop for IT, Web and Event Management.


Looking for an exclusive event? We believe each event should be a unique reflection of you! From Simple to the Exotic and Everything in-between and BEYOND, we will make it Happen! As a premier event and convention planner, successfully executing events, we are your one-stop shop for your event planning to managing to IT and web related services! From selecting the perfect venue to a creative and imaginative theme to execution until day of event, we take care of every detail to make your event a stress free, seamlessly managed occasion for you and your guests to enjoy.

Our team of experienced distinguished professionals are ready to help you in creating and maintaining your website on an on-going basis. We truly care about each and every one of our clients, and we go the extra mile to make sure that your website is fully equipped to help you succeed online.

Custom website creation and maintenance service packages available for:

·       Creative Design Templates

·       On-Going Maintenance

·       Updating Website With Contact Forms

·       Updating Website With Event Flyers

·       Updating Website With Event Pictures & Videos

·       Updating Team Profiles And Pictures

·       Co-Ordinating Souvenir Creation And Distribution And Publishing Soft Copy On Website

·       Creating Ticket Buttons For Online Ticketing Purchase

·       Creating Donation Button Online

·       Creating And Managing Paypal For Online Donations And Contributions

·       Creating Membership Forms And Linking With Your Email

·       Ensure That Your Online Activities Remain In Line With Your Overall Business Goals

·       Quarterly (At A Minimum) Assessment Of Your Website And

·       Programming & Application Development Updates If Needed

·       Modernized Design Upgrades

·       Web Development

·       Cms Platform And Plugin/Custom Code Upgrades

·       Creating E-Commerce, Donation Or Online Ticket Purchase Link For Events

·       Posting Event Pictures

·       SEO & Google Rankings



Our Services include:

  • A friend and a planner by your side
  • A designer, planner, executor, emcee, co-host, co-liaison, co-marketing advisor, guide with guaranteed success
  • Unique Event Ideas- Fashion Shows collaborations, Pageant Execution, Essay Contest collaborations
  • Encouraging, event related venue ideas
  • Exhibitors
  • Comedians
  • Speakers
  • Performers
  • Minute to minute schedule planner
  • Volunteers
  • DJ & Music Collaboration
  • Audio-visual presentation setups and playing
  • Guaranteed digital media – social media – pintrest, linkedIn, facebook, twitter, Instagram & much more
  • Flyers, Presentations & Marketing Collateral
  • Dignitary invitations and follow-ups
  • Eventbrite and other event website setups
  • Decoration & Set-Up Collaborator
  • Facilitating minute to minute execution
  • Marketing & Advertisement advisor by side
  • Community Outreach
  • Digital – e-newspapers, web & magazine advertisement advisor
  • Fund raising event planner and executor
  • Event Presentations
  • Marketing Letters & Communications
  • Media Collaborations
  • Website – Event appropriate e-commerce Website – facility to pay online, book vendors online, media, logo, digital flyers, secured payments, logos and website updates until day of event
  • Public Relations
  • Event floor plan setups
  • Performer collaboration
  • Fix loose ends until and on the day of event
  • Marketing advisor by your side
  • Marketing ideas – creative ideas for marketing pens, logos, t-shirts, bags, stickon’s, car bonnet stickers & many more
  • Perfect end to end event collaboration
  • Event day presence – both front and back stage guidance and efficient execution
  • Efficient budget planning
  • Event Souvenir / Magazine collaborator
  • Flyer designing & regular posting on websites, social media
  • Print collaboration
  • Sponsor follow-ups
  • Post event follow-up and feedback
  • Event database
  • Caterer collaboration and conversations
  • Unique event ideas to make your event more creative
  • Use of Smart Solution e-Mailing lists
  • Use of Smart Solutions website and contacts to promote the event
  • Use of Smart Solutions social media to promote the event


Event Consultation

The consultation process is simply one or more conversations to give you the best recommendations and provide you with ideas for your event. Our objective is to help you identify all the services you need for a successful event

Event Planning & Execution

Our goal is to make this an easy, seamless stress-free experience for you. Based off the ideas developed during the initial consultation process, our team will plan and execute your event. Every request you make with us will be arranged, collaborated, resulting in the success of your event.

Event Management

To guarantee the success of your event, our team offers you on-site coordination and support as needed and a friend by side. Our objective is to ensure you that your event will run smoothly without a worry.

From the initial consultation to the on-site coordination, our team executes your entire event. Check with us for our Premium Full Service Package. Our goal is to bring your dream event to life, while you sit back and enjoy every moment of the occasion.



From Expo / Corporate Event Planning To Execution, We Are One Stop Shop For All Your Successful Events.


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