Vegetarian Vision, a non-profit association was formed in 1992 our mission is to promote vegetarianism among the people of the world. The organization aims to serve as a resource network and a think-tank for vegetarians worldwide, with the ultimate objective of a healthy future for all of mankind, and for planet earth.   

Through a dedicated committee of volunteer members the organization serves all existing and aspiring vegetarians and vegetarian associations. It is a non-partisan, a non-political group that serves anyone regardless of race, color or national origin.   

Members of the organization receive a newsletter and other informational materials and invitations to events and seminars hosted either by the organization or by other affiliated groups. Vegetarian Vision has established a library that can be visited in person or access by computer from anywhere in the world. The library enables those interested in Vegetarianism to increase their knowledge and understanding of this way of life. It also serves as a resource center for the dissemination of factual information on Vegetarianism.   

The organization’s main event of the year is of course the Food Festival. Apart from this the organization also hosts various seminars where noted vegetarians speak, and panel discussions where meaningful exchanges can be carried out on the topic of vegetarianism. Additionally, the organization hosts social events for the benefit of its members, including a Mr. & Ms. Vegetarian Pageant, Thanksgiving dinner and a Vegetarian cruise.   

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